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What is Feds 4 Medical Freedom?

F4MF is a non profit 501c3 organization committed to defending medical freedom for Federal Employees and Contractors. We also do our best to assist in supporting the efforts of similar organizations for other citizens of our nation facing medical persecution. For more, please see our About Us page…

What's the latest on the vaccine mandate for Federal Employees?

Currently, the mandate has an injunction on it, and is powerless. In September our case was heard by an en banc panel of 17 judges in the 5th Circuit and we are patiently awaiting their response. This could take several months before we get a decision. You can find more information and documents about our case on our Legal Updates page

My employer is demanding I wear a mask and/or submit to regular testing. What can I do?

All masking and testing of ‘only’ unvaccinated employees is discriminatory. We highly encourage you to use the tools available to you, such as EEO complaints, to fight this. We have several groups organized for Agency class EEO complaints and also plenty of guidance for individual cases. We also have guidance on testing and how you can address that under our new Members Resources Page.

How do we join Feds 4 Medical Freedom?

Becoming a member is easy and FREE. Please just sign up on the “Become a Member” page with your email and you will receive instructions within 24-48 hours on what you can do next. We encourage everyone to sign up as a member who is in need of legal assistance and protection from the mandates. This will help us keep you informed on the best resources available, and the latest updates on our legal efforts.

Can we still join the lawsuit?

As of right now, we are still accepting unnamed plaintiffs for our lawsuit in the 5th circuit. If you are interested in joining please send us an email under the Contact Us tab or at info@feds4medicalfreedom.org

How can I talk to someone about my specific situation?

We have a lot of resources available–

  1. Email us!
  2. Join our social groups on Signal, Facebook, Telegram, or Discord to connect with others in your agency or your local region (chapters)
  3. Get on our weekly zoom meetings, held most Thursday evenings at 8pm EST. Links for this call go out on our emails so make sure you are signed up! We have live chats with our board members, leadership, and usually a lawyer (or two) on to help advise you.